PIB Scanner Gist e-Book for Current Affairs with AIR Quizzes 2020-21

PIB Scanner Gist e-Book for Current Affairs with AIR Quizzes 2020-21

PIB is India`s biggest News Agency, Releasing daily news on each topic of the Globe with Authentic Resources and Deep Analysis. The Press Information Bureau, Government of India under the Ministry of information and Broadcasting disseminates information, Here we are merging DD News glimpses in the Gist.
Its about the policies, decisions & programs of the Government of India through the media, print & electronic and digital, using appropriate means of communication.
 Providing state-of-the-art information retrieval facilities from its website.
 Developing an all-encompassing electronic photo library, covering developmental issues as well as photographs of historic interest.
 Organizing media outreach programmes.
 Providing friendly and efficient media facilitation for its clients. 

Why PIB ? 

  • Programmes and Policy initiatives/updates of Government on a daily basis- If you miss in newspapers

  • Features: Selective articles on important personalities and their contribution. Also, you will find important historical accounts.

  • Since it is released by the government, adds authenticity to the facts and figures. 

The Press Information Bureau`s core functions are: –

 Dissemination of information about Government of India policies, programmes and activities.
 Providing feedback from media to various Government Departments and Public Sector Organizations under various Ministries
on how these policies and activities are received by the people.
 Advising the Government on its information /media strategy
 Providing explanation and background on official pronouncements.
 Providing accreditation to media persons based in New Delhi.
 Organizing media outreach programmes like special media interactive sessions.


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