Graduate Record Examinations (ETS), GRE® 2020-21 Let’s take a closer look.

Graduate Record Examinations (ETS), GRE® 2020-21 Let’s take a closer look.

Graduate Record Examinations, GRE® 2020-21 Details & Apply: The Graduate Record Examinations is a standardized test that is an admissions requirement for many graduate schools in the United States and Canada. The GRE is owned and administered by Educational Testing Service. According to ETS, the GRE® aims to measure verbal reasoningquantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills that have been acquired over a long period of learning. The content of the GRE consists of certain specific algebra, geometry, arithmetic, and vocabulary sections.

The GRE® General Test is offered as a computer-based exam administered at Prometric testing centers. In the graduate school admissions process, the level of emphasis that is placed upon GRE® scores varies widely between schools and departments within schools. The importance of a GRE® score can range from being a mere admission formality to an important selection factor. It’s a smart move to take the GRE General Test As the world’s most widely accepted admissions test for graduate and business school, the GRE General Test gives you more options for your future. You can use GRE® scores to apply to master’s, MBA, specialized master’s in business and Ph.D. programs worldwide. With the flexibility to apply more of your own test-taking strategies and the option to send only your best scores to the graduate or business school programs you choose, you can do your best on test day. With the GRE® General Test, you decide which scores to send to schools. If you feel you didn’t do your best on test day, that’s okay. You can retake the test and then send ONLY the scores you want schools to see. It’s all part of the ScoreSelect® option, only available with GRE® tests. Plus, the GRE® General Test is the only admissions test for graduate or business school that lets you skip questions within a section, go back and change answers and have control to tackle the questions you want to answer first. That’s great news because GRE® research shows that most GRE® test takers saw score gains on those few instances when they decided it was best to change their answer. It all makes for a test-taker friendly experience that better fits your personal testing strategies and helps you do your best. Then, with your best scores in hand, you can apply to more schools around the world than with any other graduate-level admissions test. That’s why taking the GRE® General Test is a smart move.


The GRE® General Test for Business School — the new path to success. Accepted at top-ranked business schools worldwide, the GRE® General Test is the new path to success. Business schools worldwide are using GRE® scores as part of their admissions process for MBA, specialized master’s and other graduate business programs. In fact, your GRE® scores are accepted at more than 1,300 business schools worldwide, including the U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg Businessweek and Financial Times top-ranked programs. The world’s top business schools view GRE® scores equally with other admissions tests. So consider how the GRE® General Test helps you achieve your best scores — you can change your answers within a section, and GRE® research shows that most GRE® test takers saw score gains when they decided it was best to change their answer. Also within a section, you can preview questions, skip and go back to more challenging questions, and even change your answers. And finally, you can send schools only your best scores. With the Score Select option, if you take a GRE® General Test once now, and again in the future, you have the control to send only the GRE®  scores you want schools to see.
Start your path to success today, take the GRE® General Test. 


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Graduate and business schools want to be sure that you have the skills you need to succeed in their demanding programs. The GRE® General Test measures your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills — skills that are not related to a specific field of study, but are important for all.


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