YOJANA & KURUKSHETRA Monthly Magazine PDFs and Gist e-Book & Quizzes

YOJANA & KURUKSHETRA Monthly Magazine PDFs and Gist e-Book & Quizzes

YOJANA and KURUKSHETRA monthly magazines ( Journals), which are published by Publication Group of India under  Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (Govt. Of India ), These magazines are very helpful to understand India`s Social, Economical, Fundamental etc.., current status and progress.  These Magazines are also helpful to understand basic status of all policies and developments. Here Aspirants can read & download all month’s e-Book, Gist, Notes and attempt quizzes based on it.  Its very helpful for Civil Services Exam UPSC & S-PSC as well as for other competitive exams, discreet knowledge of socio-economic studies…

YOJANA Gist e-Books Modules: CLICK to READ/Download 

January 2019 YOJANA

February 2019 YOJANA

March 2019 YOJANA

April 2019 YOJANA

May 2019 YOJANA

June 2019 YOJANA

July 2019 YOJANA

August 2019 YOJANA

September 2019 YOJANA

October 2019 YOJANA

YOJANA Nov-2019 e-Book

KURUKSHETRA Gist e-Books Modules: CLICK to READ/Download 

January 2019 KURUKSHETRA Gist

January 2019 KURUKSHETRA e-Book

February 2019 KURUKSHETRA Gist

March 2019 KURUKSHETRA Gist

April 2019 KURUKSHETRA Gist

May 2019 Kurukshetra Gist

June 2019 Kurukshetra Gist

July 2019 Kurukshetra Gist

August 2019 Kurukshetra

September 2019 Kurukshetra Gist

October 2019 Kurukshetra Gist


Jan-19 Yojana-Kurukshetra Quiz

Feb-19 Yojana-Kurukshetra Quiz

March-19 Yojana-Kurukshetra Quiz

April-19 Yojana-Kurukshetra Quiz

May-19 Yojana-Kurukshetra Quiz

June-19 Yojana-Kurukshetra Quiz

July-19 Yojana-Kurukshetra Quiz

Aug-19 Yojana-Kurukshetra Quiz

Sept-2019 Yojana-Kurukshetra Quiz

Oct-19 Yojana-Kurukshetra Quiz

Nov-19 Yojana-Kurukshetra Quiz






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